About Roo

A Moment of Happiness Matters for Everyone. #LiveLikeRoo


Roosevelt was rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control in April 2015. We saw him relaxing quietly in his cage as all the other dogs were barking and jumping to get my attention. He looked so sad and so weepy. I told Kelly that we had to take him out. His owner surrender card said “has issues urinating”… you can say that again… Once outside, Roosevelt peed for a long time and it was mostly dribbling out. His teeth were totally ground down, probably from eating rocks or trying to escape his crate. We felt so helpless and so sad for him. Immediately we tried to find him a foster, so we could get him out and get him healthy. Part of that process was getting him isolation so he could heal in case he had the flu. Kelly decided to foster once he was feeling better. Finally we found iso and thanks to some amazing sponsors it was all paid for. One Tail at a Time decided to rescue him-we were so grateful!!!

Unfortunately, even after a neuter, his urinating issues were still bad. During his dental and tooth removal, the vet found that Roo had bone cancer. Roo had a possible foster to adopt, but we decided that it was best for him to live with Kelly for the rest of his life.

Roo passed away on September 8th when he was just too sick to go on. It was one of the toughest days of our lives, but it was time to let go. We miss him so much and we will always have a place in our hearts for this boy that changed the way thousands of people lived. He is one in a million and we are so grateful that he was ours and that we were able to share him with all of you.

We all shall… Live Like Roo forever. We will help other dogs and their families via our Live Like Roo Foundation to continue Roo’s legacy. #LiveLikeRoo