Meet the Board


Sarah Lauch, Founder

Sarah grew up in Pennsylvania with tons of pets, including pot-bellied pigs. When she moved to Chicago, she volunteered at an open-admission shelter in Chicago and decided she wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals that were dealt a pretty bad card. As a transfer team member, she assisted rescues in evaluating dogs for their programs. Dogs that she interacted with were often euthanized. Sarah grew a thick skin. When she met Roo at the same shelter, she had no idea the crazy turn her life would take in the next 6 months. Live Like Roo is the epitome of everything that she believes in and she is happy to carry on his legacy through this Foundation.

Her full-time job is in sports television as an Executive Producer and she is married to a very patient man we call Schipp. They have 2 dogs right now.



Laura Krill, Vice President/Medical Case Manager

(she assists with our medical applications and has vast knowledge about cancer in dogs)

Laura can’t remember a time when animals weren’t a part of her life and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her little family currently consists of 2 cats, Fozzie and Frieda, and 1 dog, Henri, who is the self-proclaimed Mayor of Lincoln Park, and foster brother extraordinaire!
It doesn’t stop at three, however, as Laura serves as a foster family for Alive Rescue, and will often have an extra one or two hanging out, until they find their forever family. Laura also serves as a Barn Leader at Alive Rescue’s adoption center, the Little Barn, and is an Adoption Coordinator.
When Laura isn’t with her furry family or volunteering with Alive Rescue, she is working at Integrative Pet Care, as a certified canine rehabilitation assistant. She thinks of her patients as family and loves to see the progress they make after surgeries and injuries.
Last year, Laura lost two of her beloved dogs, Elmer and Herman, to cancer, within 3 months of each other. When asked to be on the board for Live Like Roo Foundation, she knew that there would be no better way to honor their lives, than to be able to support families both emotionally and financially, who were experiencing the effects of canine cancer, as she had last year.
In whatever free time Laura has, which isn’t a lot, she enjoys Cubs games, hanging out with friends at a dog friendly patio, sipping on a good beer, and seeking out the best hiking spots, to hang with the pups!

*photo credits to David Sutton, at Sutton Studios.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
-Karen Davison

Nicole Cadwell, City Event Director

Nicole, a Chicago native who works in Remote Operations for the BIG Ten Network, grew up with rescue dogs and cats. After graduating from college in 2005, Nicole and her now husband Caddy adopted Mia, an 8-month-old Rottweiler Sheppard Mix from the Anti Cruelty Society. After adopting Mia, Nicole felt like she was always trying to find the courage to volunteer at a shelter, but consistently resorted to volunteering at fundraising and awareness events out of fear of what she would see in the shelters. Then in 2009, their family grew with the adoption of a 7-week-old shepherd mix, Ole.

While trying to attend as many fundraisers for local rescue groups as possible, Nicole came across the social media craze that was baby Jane and from there found the Live Like Roo Foundation. Meeting Sarah and the wonderful people on the LLR team helped her grow the strength she needed to step into the rescue world. Nicole is now a Barn Leader Assistant at Alive Rescue’s Little Barn and tries to attend every LLR Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program shift that she can.

“Sarah and the LLR Foundation work so hard to help so many people and their pets in desperate times of need. Being a part of this team is a true honor to me.”

Kathy Lesinski, City Event Planner

Kathy has loved dogs her entire life. Although she did not get her first rescue dog, Aria, until she was 14, her childhood in Warsaw Poland was spent bringing home stray dogs and trying to help as many as she could. Kathy rescued Max, a wire-haired terrier mix, and began volunteering with local rescues in Chicago in 2006. A year later she discovered and fell in love with fostering. Kathy and Max fostered 13 dogs through New Leash on Life Chicago and Bow Wow Revolution, until the arrival of Bill, a Chihuahua Yorkie, in the summer of 2015. After two unsuccessful adoptions and a brain tumor diagnosis, Bill became a permanent member of the family. Unable to foster with two dogs of her own, Kathy is thrilled she gets to utilize her love of event planning and fundraising to help the Live Like Roo Foundation.

Kathy is currently working full time while finishing a Master’s degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, biking, a nice glass of rose, and quality Bravo programming.

Dawn Mueller, Graphic Designer

Aside from having incredible fashion sense and sporting the most spectacular hairstyles, Dawn has always had a soft spot for big dogs. After moving to Chicago 22 years ago, the first dog she adopted was Mousse, a Labrador Retriever from the Anti Cruelty Society. She volunteered there for a bit but found that, as an introvert, she was not well-suited to work the adoption floor. It wasn’t until several years later when she adopted Daryl Blu, who was saved during a CRISP shift at CACC, that she started really getting introduced to the Chicago rescue community. She learned about Live Like Roo and went to a couple blanket tying events and, when asked to help with some graphics, finally found her place in the rescue community.
When not pounding away at the computer, she’s posting pictures of Daryl on Instagram, running a half marathon, or dodging tourists on the bike path.


Jess Kosaric, Graphic Designer

Advisory Board