Live Like Roo Foundation Advisory Team Leader


The Advisory Team (AT) Leader is to lead the AT and to advise and support the organization via outreach, fundraising, brainstorming, and collaboration. As the leader, you will work closely with the Executive Director and play a big role in advancing the mission of Live Like Roo Foundation (LLRF). This is a volunteer position.


● We believe diversity drives innovation. Come with an open mind. We are inclusive. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. ● Manage and lead the Advisory Team ● Schedule meetings as-needed to plan and organize the group ● Meet with Sarah/the Board monthly ● Be a go-to/sounding board/filter for Sarah/the Executive Director ● Coordinate volunteers and update our database as needed ● Serve on the Roo Advisory Team for the 2021 term (January 2021 - December 2021). ● Attend quarterly AT meetings on Zoom ● Participate in Fundraisers, both in person and virtual ● Share content that LLRF social team posts ● Assist with planning of events, both in person and virtual ● Grow our Monthly Donors ● Organize and assist volunteers, schedule them for in-person event coverage ● Look for new ways to reach new people, recruit new donors, sponsors, partners ● Solicit sponsors and donations for events


● Recognition on our website and social media ● Gain experience working closely with a ED, NFP board and staff ● $200 gift card to the Roo store ● Assist families and their animals and change lives around the world ● A sense of community and accomplishment on a social and professional level


We are a 501c3 that assists animals through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional support to their owners. Our reach is worldwide, but we are based in Chicago. Since 2016, we have granted over $1,000,000 to families going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. We send cancer care packages to animals with a cancer diagnosis. The care packages include a blanket, a tennis ball, toys, treats, a McDonald's gift card-all of the things that Roo, the rescue dog, loved. Our goal is to inspire others to live every day like it is your last-Live Like Roo.

The Advisory Team and LLRF is free from discrimination because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age.

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