Booker Fund

I wanted to introduce everyone to a very special person who has helped a lot of dogs in a short amount of time.

Without him, dogs like Zeus and Alistair would have not been able to Live LIke Roo as they battled cancer. Unfortunately, Alistair’s battle with lymphoma did not last long, but Booker, without hesitation, took in another hospice dog named Zeus. Zeus was found by a good samartain when kids were throwing rocks at him. He lived outside and when we had him vetted, they found cancer. Since the diagnosis, Booker has gone above and beyond for Zeus—he takes him everywhere… and when Zeus can no longer walk, he puts him into the wagon that Live Like Roo Foundation paid for.

As many of you know, hospice fostering is very hard.
So, I decided to start a new fund for hospice dogs with cancer. ‘The Booker Fund’ will provide monetary help for hospice fosters or adopters that need it. Sometimes something as a simple as a wagon can change a life.

To start the Fund, I am donating $500 of my personal money to the Booker Fund.

Thank you Booker for all that you do… you make everyone else want to be a better person and you are the epitome of what it is to Live Like Roo. #TheBookerFund

For now to donate: and go to donate and in NOTES put BOOKER! THANK YOU