What We Do

Live Like Roo Foundation supports animals and their owners through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional assistance.

Financial Assistance

Live Like Roo provides animals and their families with financial assistance after review of their application. Our goal is to help as many animals as we can. Simply hit the “Apply for Assistance” button.

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Care Packages

Our Roo Cancer Care Packages include some of Roo’s favorite items-including a blanket (which has become a favorite of the packages), a gift card for McDonald’s, toys, treats, and a tennis balls. We have found that people and animals that receive these packages have their spirits lifted during one of the most difficult times of their lives. Though they are labor-intensive, we know they are the most important thing that we do because of the emotion behind each and every one. We love to see the animals living like Roo.

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You can donate items for the care packages by visiting our Amazon Wishlist.

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Live Like Roo Foundation
5830 North Melvina Avenue
Chicago IL 60646

Live Like Roo, a 501C3 organization, provides support and financial assistance to families whose pet faces a cancer diagnosis. Our mission is that together, you and your pet will #LiveLikeRoo.

Our mission is to help people all over the world deal with cancer in animals. We found that when we needed help the most, there were 50 people with advice and we were so thankful.

We like to offer assistance options that best fit the animal with their vet as the main directive. We are able to pay the owner directly with copies of paid bills or we can pay the vet.

We also continue to assemble Roo Cancer Care Packages, which contain items that Roo loved during his diagnosis, as well as items that will help the owner through the diagnosis. Such items include: a handmade blanket, toys, treats, tennis balls, and a McDonald’s gift card.

We strive to be a real life sounding board and support system for people that need guidance and very specific help depending on the diagnosis timeline.

2016 Statistics

  • 356 Care Packages
  • $29,668 in vet services
  • $4889 in McDonald’s gift cards
  • $3907 in blanket material

2017 Statistics

  • 715 care packages
  • $52,000 in medical

2018 Statistics

  • 1321 care packages
  • $300,100 in medical donations