Laura Krill

Medical Director

Laura grew up with pets and has always shared her home with dogs, cats, and even a rabbit. In 2014, Laura's dogElmer and her foster dog, Herman, were each diagnosed with cancer. She adopted Herman and made him an official member of her pack (even though he already knew he was right where he belonged). In 2015 she sadly said goodbye to both boys, within 4 months of each other. After Roo's inception, when Laura was asked to serve on the board, she knew it was an obvious choice for her. Having worked the last 17 years in the veterinary field, both general practice and now rehabilitation, Laura serves by reviewing the medical records of our applicants, and helps with selecting recipients for our financial grants. Laura knows the financial burden that comes with a sick pet, but she prides herself on lending an ear and being a sounding board for our applicants. 'Emotional support and backing, with a cancer diagnosis in a pet, is as important, if not more then, the financial aspect,' says Laura. When not volunteering for Roo or working, you'll catch her with a glass of wine and watching something on Netflix. Each shoulder, has a spot for cats, Fozzie and Frieda, and her lap is filled with her Chihuahuas, Henri and Suzy, and more then likely a foster dog.‍
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