The ROO Team

We would be nothing without these members

Sarah Lauch

Founder/Executive Director
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Nicole Cadwell

Board Member
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Joe Riley

Board Member
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Brandi Ferguson

Board Member
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Laura Krill

Medical Director
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Vicki Ruf

Care Package Director
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Caragh Reilly

Booker Fund Manager
Not too long ago, Caragh was working a corporate gig...

Bianca Parra

Event Director
Event Director

Stephanie Thomas

Event Coordinator
Stephanie, or better known as John Paul's Mom, is a Michigan native who grew up in a household that always had at least 1 or 2 rescue dogs...

Colleen Trinidad

Social Media Director
Colleen has been a Chicagoland native all her life....

Tiffany Fraley

Growing up by a lake at the end of an unpaved road in a small Tennessee town...
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