Tony Konidaris


Ever since he was a kid, Tony was drawn to helping animals, especially dogs. Whether feeding street dogs in Greece, or helping a lost dog find its way home here locally, Tony has always been grateful to be of help in that dog’s journey (or a bird, or turtle, or possum, or baby raccoon, or duck). Tony always wanted to help more, and found the Chicago Marathon to be his opportunity. 2023 will be the 9th year in a row Tony has run the Chicago Marathon to help animals in need. 2023 will be his 5th year in a row running to support Live Like Roo, where to date he has raised almost $25,000 for LLR. Live Like Roo will always have a special place in Tony’s heart, after they saved the life of his good friend Piglette, a dog inside an animal facility that desperately needed medical attention. Tony put out a plea, and Roo didn’t hesitate to help. Every marathon is to honor Piglette, and the hope to save other dogs like her. Tony is luckily to have so much love and support at home from his amazing wife Stephanie, their children Rocco, Zelda, & Jolene, and their pack of rescue dogs: Franklin, Eleanor, and Theodore.

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