Tiffany Fraley


Growing up by a lake at the end of an unpaved road in a small Tennessee town is good for two things, throwing wild parties and taking in unwanted dogs. Tiffany’s rescue roots run for as far back as she can remember and will continue for as long as there is a need. She graduated with a BBA from Austin Peay State University in 2002 and with an MBA in 2006 from Belmont University before making the move to Chicago where she works fulltime in a real estate investment company. Not long after she started fostering dogs in the windy city, she adopted her best boy, Judd, met a great group of women and founded Be Fido’s Friend Rescue in 2011 where she is the treasurer. She understands the accounting side of charities and just how important record keeping and accurate numbers are, especially when every dollar coming in and going out has a meaningful purpose. Tiffany has a soft spot for the young-at-heart dogs dubbing her house “The Fraley Senior Dog Center” which is where you can find her these days with her two oldies but goodies, Lele and Mose…and their dad, Eric.

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